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    Screen not timing out/shut down menu keeps popping up

    Just recently, my S4 has begun doing some strange things. I have the screen timeout set to 2mins but it no longer time outs, the screen just stays on. I checked the developer options and I haven't accidentally checked anything there nor have I changed any other display settings. I even turned off developer mode but that didn't help either. I can't even manually turn the screen off with the power button without pushing it several times quickly (and even then it only works some of the time.) Another issue that started at the same time was that the shut down/restart menu that normally pops up only when you've held in the power button a couple seconds keeps popping up randomly. My finger will be nowhere near the button and that menu will just pop up, sometimes even when the phone is sitting still on the table. I thought that perhaps the power button was stuck and checked that but it seems to be just fine. *shrugs*

    I haven't added any new apps lately (no storage space orz) that would've changed my settings (a few old ones updated but didn't state any new permissions) and the only thing I've done lately is get it a new battery which has been in use a couple weeks now with no problems until now. I've tried restarting it, taking that battery out and everything but this still keeps happening. Another odd quirk is that when I have it restart it turns off... but not back on. I have to hit the power button several times to get it to turn back on (many times it just shows the battery charging screen with an empty battery image even though the battery is at 100% and the phone is even plugged in!) Eventually, I'll get it back on but it takes several tries.

    Anyone have any idea what's causing all this or how to fix it!?


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