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    Music xtfer to SD card going to bluetooth

    I somewhat new to my S4 had it for 4-5 months needed to get it for our surveillance system, long story....I was looking at Mp3 players until I learned I can possibly use my 26gb SD card in the S4 for music which is great. I then have to figure out how to xfer my music from my pc to the S4 which I presume can be done with usb. Is airdroid still a faster process to use?

    Next...... I still ride a motorcycle and use a Gx9 Scala helmet communication device to answer phone calls and listen to FM music while riding and while still figuring how to transfer my music to the S4 I would also like to know how to pair the S4 to the Bluetooth headset so I can listen to the music I've transferred off the pc. This is all presuming I can get the music to go to the SD card and not to the device memory while trying to transfer?
    The SD card has 29.71 GB and has not been used I did format it. This S4 has 5.0.1 and is 16GB

    Thanks for any suggestions
    Warm regards, Ed
    Just dropped in to what condition my condition was in.....

    S4 SCH i545
    Nexus 7
    Gx9 Scala rider Bluetooth
    Misses toys
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