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  1. Did I buy a defective SD card?
  2. Auto video on Facebook
  3. Samsung Account deleted from S4
  4. can someone give me helps with my new samsung galaxy s5?
  5. Case problems
  6. Deleting Dropbox photos
  7. Understanding memory usage on my S4
  8. Lock screen widgets unavailable with password
  9. Root Fail ! Hard Reset wont work ! Please Help !
  10. Yellow LED notification light instead of blue?
  11. Screen turns off while watching Youtube or Plex
  12. Received text messages are not being saved
  13. Turned Off Car in Mid-Call, Now No Audio on Calls, Unless Phone is on Speaker
  14. Galaxy S4 - contact list disappears & SMS gets frozen
  15. My S4 turns off as soon as boot logo is done!
  16. Popup ads
  17. My s4 won't lock
  18. S4 Wifi disconnect and immediately reconnecting every 5-30 seconds
  19. Trouble with voice recorder files (m4a)
  20. Help pls
  21. Alarm disabled
  22. Clock with black background
  23. S4: Cannot copy files from PC to S4 by USB
  24. spelling in to voice recognition
  25. New symbol appeared by the time
  26. Dim Screen on S4 Active
  27. I cracked my screen on my S4 Please Help??
  29. [Solved] Email issue (stuck message)
  30. Samsung Galaxy S4 unlocked phone's motherboard is dead
  31. sim change alert
  32. Keyboard suggestions?
  33. S4 static phone number.
  34. Streamling personal and work contacts on phone
  35. Galaxy S4 Panorama Not working.
  36. resizing photos in gmail app?
  37. Facebook version
  38. VPN drop out since upgrade to Android 4.2
  39. samsung keyboard problem and font
  40. No sim card error/ broken sim reader/ warranty problems
  41. Email notification sound no longer working
  42. Wi-Fi Lag issues
  43. error reading sd card after updating phone softaware
  44. E-mails always show as unread
  45. S memo sharing
  46. Notification sound doesnt come back after mute
  47. Hi guys and girls
  48. Tons of UI problems
  49. video only plays on camera
  50. Black Screen Issue
  51. Stock apps.
  52. Back button isn't working
  53. home button not going to home screen
  54. Speaker phone turns off?
  55. Microsoft Exchange problems
  56. screen freeze
  57. My screen goes black
  58. Moving removed apps
  59. Help with re-rooting Samsung Galaxy s4?
  60. No audio during calls (no speaker, no microphone)
  61. "Bluetooth has Stopped" popup issue, no longers connects to bluetooth devices
  62. Knox blocking SuperSU Binary Update
  63. Screen dead due to water damage, please help
  64. Lock screen timeout issues
  65. Individualized Application Notification Sounds
  66. firmware upgrade encountered an issue
  67. "Deleted" Email returns Multiple times
  68. No Sound No Video!!!
  69. Multiple Widgets on Lock Screen Not Working
  70. Help please.....
  71. Galaxy S4 Notifications
  72. Issues with SuperSU after rooting
  73. Contact Removal
  74. Music player doesn't show songs
  75. my alarm not working
  76. "Security Policy Restricts the Use of HTML Email"
  77. CAN'T SELECT only max 500 pictures to transfer to DROPBOX
  78. S4 browser tab issue after kitkat upgrade
  79. Help, can't download apps
  80. new galaxy s4 update
  81. Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) - User Created Folders Vanished in Default Email Client
  82. Music Player
  83. "Lock Screen" option not listed in My Device
  84. Preventing the Kitkat Upgrade?
  85. Logging app? The phone mutes itself.
  86. Can't connect s4 to pc
  87. Can't find whats taking up all my Space!!
  88. Contacts stopped working
  89. keyboards are " greyed out "
  90. Problems with restoring
  91. Animated Gifs - Send and recieve MMS
  92. ChatOn App takes over SMS/Text Messages
  93. root first or upgrade to kitkat then upgrade?
  94. Galaxy S4 Stop Internet Video Autoplay
  95. Sync phone to itunes
  96. Photo Gallery Layout Problems
  97. Update settings
  98. SideSync Installation
  99. Return + Menu buttons do NOT work!!! HELP!
  100. PLEASE help.... stuck on headphone mode....Deffo not the jack!!
  101. S4 stuck on "downloading... do not turn off target"
  102. Incoming Texts
  103. Removed Homepages Keep Coming Back
  104. Can't sign in to Dropbox
  105. Texting Issue's
  106. My saved video from my gallery won't play!?
  107. Phone carrier hack, plz help
  108. Headphones
  109. Musc Player Lockscreen
  110. Battery problem S4
  111. Music Player Cannot Work at Background When Using a File Manager
  112. Instant Upload on Google+
  113. Email and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync crashing
  114. clearing the phone cache partition
  115. Hard Reset
  116. Firmware update this a.m., now says email sync is turned off
  117. Phone dial pad goes black
  118. Adding numbers to a group
  119. Cant see music on google play that i have put on my memory card
  120. Sprint Galaxy S4 (Kitkat) screen turns off on rotate
  121. Samsung Galaxy s4 Metal part surrounding screen replacement?
  122. SGH i337 AT&T wifi and bluetooth wont turn on
  123. Phone reboots unexpectedly
  124. New phone, faulty battery??
  125. Google Maps 'Get Directions' Falls Short
  126. Is not supported to update firmware via Kies.
  127. Linking Contacts and Music Transfer
  128. Wifi problems 4.4.2 update STILL.. (public starbucks, McD.)
  129. New Member- Need Help!!
  130. Pictures and album images
  131. Cannot send text attachment while "Mobile Data" is off?
  132. Wi-Fi dim green light
  133. Unknown sounds...
  134. Multi window questions
  135. Problems with Samsung apps
  136. Incoming Whatsapp message showing on lock screen...
  137. Status/Notification Bar will not drag down unless in landscape mode.
  138. Which official 4.4.2 ROM should I install? (i9505, Three UK)
  139. phone is freezing and jumping
  140. SD card encryption question.
  141. Email Spam
  142. Problems with opening downloaded files through notification or Download Manager
  143. Windows photo uploader uploades multiple copies of my photos
  144. touchwiz
  145. mms pic from s4 to s4
  146. Menu/BAck button not working after LCD screen replacement.
  147. How Do I Change My Credit Card Number?
  148. HI im new here PLS HELP OUT
  149. galaxy s4 i9505 shuts down randomly
  150. live wallpapers
  151. SMS Notifications
  152. New S4
  153. App log in using samsung s4
  154. Sim Card transfer from an S2 to S4
  155. sprint galaxy s4 kitkat up date
  156. Unable to Download Apps
  157. Phone autodials when picked up while in voicemail .... driving me nuts!
  158. Couple of Glitches - SGH-I337
  159. messaging help
  160. Phone Will Not Keep Chrome As Default Browser
  161. Autocorrect repeating phrases
  162. Help with firmware
  163. 1013 System and battery drain.
  164. (S4) Pls Help!!! broken screen
  165. used storage
  166. S4 Issues
  167. App settings greyed out
  168. Google Search Bar Default Browser
  169. Damaged SD card
  170. favorites
  171. cant set my own music for recieving text message
  172. S4 doesn't see files I put on SD card
  173. Can't update my 4.2.2 GS4
  174. Add email to contacts
  175. Galaxy S4 will not do "touch and hold"
  176. K9 Mail query
  177. galaxy 4 updated
  178. Ring or vibrate not both
  179. Brand new to site...need help.
  180. how to erase app
  181. after 4.4.2 uodate some problems
  182. Where did my voice button go?
  183. GT 19500 will not connect in Kies
  184. videos and display
  185. Google account keeps getting removed from s4
  186. Email notification always shows "-1"
  187. Sim card issues
  188. S4 Active Losing Email Accounts when phone dies
  189. Black box when swiping on home screen
  190. privacy on s4 i9500???
  191. Done with the S4
  192. star key/asterix to insert space while searching contacts
  193. Lockscreen camera
  194. Google app gone from bottom of my new S4
  195. I can't software update.
  196. Bluetooth problems
  197. Hi, data transfer help needed please!
  198. looking into getting a galaxy s4
  199. text icon doesn't work
  200. **Help** Facebook Video: Sound but no video
  201. Connectivity/transfer issues from s4 active to PC
  202. problem to set short cut on home screen
  203. S4 apps won't update on SD card
  204. Heaphone notification problem
  205. Samsung Galaxy S4 - Cant click on numbers in message
  206. No Signal, No Update after Unlocking Network Lock.
  207. Skype and my Verizon S4
  208. displaying contacts when messaging
  209. Stuck at boot logo after failed ROM install, please help.
  210. Internet display issues
  211. Shortcut showing sd card icon fix!
  212. GALAXY S4 reception drops then reboots
  213. Screen Damage Problem? With a laser? Haha
  214. Problem while calling
  215. Vibrates stuck on Basic Call in Ringtones and Notifications
  216. Contacts has stopped working.
  217. bluetooth problems
  218. Text signature color
  219. Can a faulty S- view flip cover damage your phone??
  220. Secondary email account sync problem
  221. Gallery is missing from "Applications Manager"
  222. How do I get my Dropbox photos to display as photo source throughout S4
  223. Galaxy s4 keeps freezing (back screen with time displayed)
  224. Imported contacts from iPhone are Firstname Lastname, WRONG!
  225. Need a calendar to sync with Linux and backup, no Google
  226. My S4 shuts down automatically for no reason
  227. Get text message text to scroll thru top menu bar?
  228. Adding a document to home screen
  229. Help with getting rid of 2 lock screens
  230. Ringtone for text messaging
  231. Music player won't play songs consecutively
  232. my s4 not getting 4.3 update
  233. Email App not loading any new emails in inbox
  234. Phone Can't Retain Connection, Message System is Glitchy
  235. Call audio doesnt work after car bt use
  236. No option for saving/viewing Text History via Contact List??? This is a new S4.
  237. I can't use my Mobile hotspot on Verizon s4
  238. Kies ? How to copy Voice recordings from phone to kies
  239. My Widgets Disappeared w/Battery Change
  240. broken screen
  241. 3 way call
  242. email options? how to change the number of emails showing
  243. help! camera light is on constant
  244. Photos taken with S4 appear with grayed out area
  245. Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones
  246. Screen Rotate Not Working
  247. audio and camera quality gone after latest OTA update
  248. lcd broken, and broken digitizer cable, should soft touch buttons still light up?
  249. Yet again the Factory
  250. Screen wont turn off while charging or after a message/email or call?