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  1. Wifi Turning Off
  2. email synching issues after kitkat upgrade
  3. How do I delete orig Email app and leave K-9 on ? Galaxy S4
  4. sd deleted files- recovery
  5. S planner need to change name of person inviting to events
  6. New OEM Battery Drains Fast After Charging
  7. alarm stops working and no sound on notifications
  8. Trying to block text messages, not just calls
  9. Photo removal dilema
  10. uninstalling apps and caches
  11. Cloud Backup what's missing?
  12. headset connection querry
  13. need help with MMS/text
  14. Battery drains from 40% to 0% in seconds and shuts down
  15. How to adjust notifications so that emails don't make a sound, but texts do...
  16. Galaxy s4 no sound issues
  17. WiFi passwords question
  18. hidden folders
  19. Heating Problem G-I9515
  20. PC to S4 by USB cable
  21. S4 Hotspot Undetectable
  22. Almost out of memory due to PNG files
  23. Playlist Freeze
  24. Need help! No 4G
  25. Loud static while on phone calls
  26. unable to connect to rynga via proxy server
  27. Security
  28. Is this a battery or phone issue?
  29. Email sync issue after power save activated
  30. Google now says new version avail. then Play Store update download displays Error 941
  31. Song Album cover help?
  32. Need advice about battery
  33. galaxy s4 google wont' sync and contacts storage missing!
  34. Some questions about playing music on S4.
  35. S4 file transfer help....Videos
  36. Bluetooth won't play radio after phone call
  37. My S4 Went Swimming
  38. Icons?
  39. S4 issue and new software update 4.4.2 2 questions
  40. storage
  41. Master sync disabled!
  42. Can't connect to 3G but can connect to 4G
  43. SCH-I545 gallery issue
  44. Video thumbnails without borders
  45. Headsets icon!!
  46. need to change saved wifi passwords
  47. driver
  48. Problem answering
  49. First time charge
  50. Galaxy s4 meeting requests is getting deleted
  51. New user questions
  52. Galaxy S4 Wifi Connection Issues
  53. is there a possibility a crashed sync to lead to a mess?
  54. Incoming calls drop
  55. Email: To and Cc field content desappear
  56. Process com.android.systemui has stopped
  57. Auto brightness
  58. Wifi - Sign-In Required
  59. cannot purchase
  60. No response from touch screen (Galaxy S4 GT-I9505)
  61. S Voice frustrating
  62. Galaxy s4 screen didn't turn on after screen lock or screen time out.
  63. Screen trouble while playing videos
  64. Red Indicator Light ON while phone is OFF
  65. Samsung Link not updating quickly enough
  66. Ringtone
  67. Phone turns SMS into MMS when sending group texts
  68. Phone rings sometimes and not others
  69. Brand new S4 beeps while charging
  70. Help! Passwords suddenly won't "stick"
  71. SmarterMail V11.7 and Samsung S4 - Problems setting up Email account
  72. Help finding .nomedia file
  73. How do I turn off start up sounds?
  74. Unable to send or receive MMS
  75. hotspot
  76. Stop "Restricted" incoming phone calls?
  77. Can only hear phone calls on Bluetooth
  78. Galaxy s4 is broken, but its fixable! Please help!
  79. Galaxy S4 I9500 Screen flickering problem
  80. Home button doesn't go home when I tap it. But when I double tap it, it opens S Voice
  81. Ok Cracked my screen and blew up digitizer for the second time ughh
  82. new samsung user
  83. Help please, phone not working right anymore.
  84. [Solved] Call recorder
  85. S4 i9505 running 4.4.2 ......Screen flashing
  86. s4 Active display issues
  87. S4 Camera quality just got worse
  88. Wallpaper not working right
  89. Samsung Galaxy S4 system update crash - can't use phone at all.
  90. WiFi issues
  91. The Notifications alert when no messages or alerts show bothers me
  92. can't login to wireless internet
  93. A text sent
  94. Phone warming up suddenly and battery draining off
  95. Help, i bought an S4 with a bad imei. Now what
  96. HELP! Water Spill Question
  97. Anyone out there charging Galaxy S4 with different charger?
  98. Need help
  99. Replacing Charging Port and broke end off pink/orange cable
  100. Doh!! Deleted Calendar!!
  101. Email hacked contacts gone
  102. 4G staying on with WiFi
  103. Galaxy S4 Will Not Charge
  104. Phone turned itself off, turns back on after battery removal but only for a second.
  105. is there a way to autodeactivate screen timeout when watching movies/playing games
  106. Complete action using: Repeatedly
  107. custom notification sounds
  108. sms from banks
  109. Galaxy S4 USB problem
  110. Home screen internet shortcuts
  111. Broken Samsung s4
  112. S4 Won't Receive Email
  113. Problem with galaxy s4
  114. I screwed up.
  115. Screen discoloration
  116. Poor Reception In Arizona
  117. Can't access my Google Web Albums any longer
  118. Facebook vs. Galaxy s4
  119. "Hacked" contacts?
  120. Can't use Bluetooth speakerphone
  121. Won't connect to hotel wifi and other login wifi
  122. Picture Gallery Issue!!!
  123. Why is taking so long to email video?
  124. Almost got POP email working - can receive but not send
  125. Air View & Motions & Gestures, Notification vibrate not working...
  126. Rolling black and white lines
  127. S4 as a pager
  128. Disabled apps
  129. Speaker problem
  130. 4G capable but wont pick up 4g signal
  131. Display older email files?
  132. Moving Sent file from Sent email folder
  133. Water damage
  134. weather widget not showing up
  135. Power Button Won't Lock and Can't Safe Boot
  136. Changing number of rings before call forwarding
  137. Where is the middle pin on the back cover of s4 active?
  138. My S4 got wet :(
  139. Is this considered normal battery drain in standby?
  140. Ram
  141. GALAXY S4 I9505 screen problems
  142. Back up S4 for a new replacement
  143. the S4 camera and Gallery
  144. Ridiculous battery drain
  145. .odt files
  146. Bluetooth microphone stops working over time
  147. MMS Annoying Read Report
  148. Facebook Messenger no notifications
  149. Notification preview has disappeared from lock screen
  150. App keeps trying to install when Inet avaiable
  151. Music often skips to next track a few seconds too soon?
  152. Music has suddenly got quieter?
  153. Poor sound quality in earphones after using Adapt Sound
  154. broken screen
  155. No answer screen
  156. multimedia dock display
  157. Google Calendar Sync is draining my battery
  158. Can't load ebooks -- anywhere
  159. Can't see photos others text me
  160. Update Problem: Can't view sent texts
  161. Predictive text without learned words
  162. Update problem- Help please
  163. The audio quality on Skype is horrendous
  164. GALAXY S4 Screen Won't Stay Off
  165. S4 (SCH-I545) signal issues
  166. how to delete emails
  167. "you got mail" type icon for email keeps building higher! Help needed! Galaxy s4
  168. What is Cisco and why is it on my phone?
  169. My b phone doesn't wake up
  170. unable to turn on the wifi
  171. Samsung galaxy s4 wifi problem
  172. Email will not download after deleting all messages
  173. Scan to s4
  174. New S4 owner - cannot copy any files from PC to phone
  175. How to empty 15500 emails from Recycle bin please S4
  176. Left panel/bar in Gallery missing
  177. Music App Problems !!
  178. kitkat update
  179. Kit Kat and battery
  180. Black screen after calls...
  181. does anyone get probs with playstore not connecting and timing out?
  182. MX player as default video player?
  183. s4 i9500
  184. Data usage?
  185. Text format issue with quotation marks
  186. closing internet so it doesn't run in the background
  187. locatoin of S Memo exported .pdf file?
  188. Can't receive incoming mail on default account
  189. Samsung galaxy S4 mini
  190. PNG Images Downloaded from S4
  191. Skype
  192. Personalized contact message not working
  193. Screen rotation Puzzle
  194. Window limit reached message.
  195. Retrieving accidentally deleted emails on Model S4 GT 19506
  196. Strange Wifi Behavior
  197. Phone cuts off the audio at the end of the files.
  198. solid red LED then LED won't turn on at all
  199. Delete logs ?
  200. Malware in MyBackups
  201. How to retrieve stuff without a screen.
  202. How to Recover my contacts after flash new ROM failed
  203. Contacts not listed properly
  204. Texting Problems
  205. Verizon S4 SMS issue
  206. Worried About My Phone is Original Or Not??
  207. Battery drain issue and Wifi doesn't auto connect
  208. front camera issue
  209. Is Samsung push a free app?
  210. Can't see hidden apps
  211. Samsung S4 not charging!!??
  212. HP print plug in icon missing
  213. "Hidden Items" LOST!!!
  214. Broken LCD Screen or Broken Digitizer
  215. Need advice for my new Galaxy s4
  216. Messages in my email?
  217. Weird beeps...
  218. Pc tells 2gigs availible Phone says 29gigs
  219. Internet issue! big problem!! need help
  220. sprint galaxy s4 tethering
  221. All Folders Gone After Erase Phone Storage
  222. Internet window switches on its own
  223. I337UCUFNB1 to I337UCUFNC1: What has been improved with the latest OTA?
  224. S Voice won't activate from headset
  225. Updated now wifi keeps on turning on
  226. Emailed Photos
  227. pc connection problem
  228. hot screen sudden battery drain
  229. Videos disappeared upon import from S4
  230. Internet shortcuts on home screen issue
  231. cannot sync aol email after update
  232. Everything is just being gone...
  233. S4 Device Encryption (Fast Encryption option)?
  234. Can Voice Mail be saved to my PC? or to a stick?
  235. cannot sync google
  236. MMS Texting
  237. Battery Icon gone White!!!
  238. Music skipping from SD Card & phone storage after adding SD card
  239. I need kitkat on my S4 mini - To root or not to root!
  240. Wifi keeps disconnecting
  241. S4 Mini: having trouble downloading apps!
  242. Samsung S4 heating issues
  243. Text messages
  244. S4 Mini stuck on startup screen
  245. Too easy to accidentally dial from text message screen
  246. Antivirus ?.
  247. Outlook Sync or not ?
  248. Newly downloaded Apps not showing
  249. Problem With my Phone WiFi
  250. MP3 Files