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  1. High RAM usage after Lollipop update
  2. Help! How to override encryption using recovery password?
  3. No Tethering OPtion Available
  4. spotty notifications for text messages
  5. Why are my S4's texts coming in small two line "blips"?
  6. How to display Favorite Contacts in alphabetical order
  7. safe mode
  8. Themes
  9. Can the failed unlock attempts counter be reset?
  10. EMail notification problems since Lollipop
  11. home screen
  12. Please Help! Verizon S4 stuck after failed update
  13. Galaxy S4 can't download pdf files
  14. S planner sync issue with exchange 2013
  15. No 4G lte service on GS4 onlt "E" 2G
  16. s4 mini keyboard help
  17. Change display to use less white after OS upgrade
  18. Is there a way to keep the phone on all the time - Accessibility issue
  19. Bluetooth problem with Galaxy S4 and Lollypop
  20. Phone keeps turning on in pocket
  21. Broken S4 could really do with data off it
  22. Calendar entries missing after sync
  23. S4 shutdows from overheating after latest software update
  24. [Solved] Verizon Lollipop Update Unsuccessful?
  25. Problems with downloading texts since software update
  26. Temporary Screen Lock?
  27. help needed No Signal
  28. Disable Haptic Feedback on Home Screen
  29. after update my phone thinks I'm left handed
  30. Bong
  31. Software update for unlocked phone?
  32. Trying to un-delete video
  33. Pull Down Menu Problem
  34. Google Maps Cannot Locate GPS Signal When Routing
  35. Even bigger problem!
  36. Another question since factory reset
  37. Message with "Download" button won't work..
  38. Messaging Has Stopped - Don't know how to fix, help!
  39. More s4 space help!
  40. Broken Screen - Debugging is Off - Phone is Locked - Recover Data?
  41. No mic during speaker phone
  42. How can I find out what Download Manager is downloading?
  43. Lollipop issue on Galaxy s4
  44. Galaxy S4 3g on and off
  45. Help with backing up and factory reset
  46. LTE & GSM work but I have no signal with WCDMA
  47. [Solved] Unable to download picture messages.
  48. Click and drag not working
  49. [Solved] no add contact photo option
  50. Downloading Do Not Turn OF Hekp Help
  51. how to delete individual emails
  52. email new folder set up
  53. music keeps playing and it's not mine
  54. Touch wiz not working
  55. 3G is not working on Galaxy s4 I9505
  56. SD storage problems
  57. groupd messaging help !
  58. Battery Life Samsung 4?
  59. Beeping Phone
  60. No sound at all
  61. Samsung S4 - GT I9515 charging taking longer than usual!
  62. No Sim Card - Emergency Calls Only
  63. Galaxt S4 wont charge, Tried everything
  64. .scc files where to store
  65. moving apps to sd card
  66. Galaxy s4 WIFI doesnt work - lighter green color at the wifi icon - please help me
  67. S4 Active not charging
  68. Notifications for ALL emails in samsung mail app
  69. S4 Alarm clock automatically switches back to default tone
  70. Sound and Reboot Issue
  71. Picking a good extended battery?
  72. how to block spam emails
  73. S4 turn off and won't turn on
  74. phone powers up but screen stays black
  75. Number of rings for incoming calls???
  76. Connected to wifi but can't get online.
  77. Having trouble storing music to SD card & utilizing Kenwood music app for car stereo
  78. Bullguard O(8O0)086_8676 Bullguard UK Phone Number Technical Support number
  79. 5 stationary icons
  80. S4 camera stuck in Dual mode
  81. Mobile is encrypted, but taking over 2 hours to start
  82. Playing audio via cars bluetooth
  83. Bluetooth Will Not Turn On
  84. Unlocking galaxy s4 stop it form updating software?
  85. Can't hold down on the screen anymore
  86. Help please, got phone unlocked doesnt connect to laptop sdc serial?
  87. Wifi turns itself on when phone is powered on
  88. WiFi connected but not working DNS error
  89. Exempt list on blocking mode doesn't work.
  90. Absurd no sense problem!!!
  91. Wifi networks "turned off"
  92. Notifying Members of a Group Text
  93. Ayuda por favor
  94. Unable to download files
  95. Interrupted calls
  96. Emails with pictures
  97. service problem
  98. Retrieval of pictures on phone help
  99. Wifi connect
  100. S4 Internet Icon - Confusing!
  101. Pleaseeeee help!!!!
  102. Phone won't make calls - says flight mode is on - when it isn't (wifi still working)
  103. bluetooth password
  104. MP3 Downloads Won't Start
  105. blocking websites
  106. Widgets freezing
  107. Need help with the "my info" "me contact"!!!
  108. [Solved] Cant delete DLed photo, no picasa or cloud
  109. Changing size of touch areas..
  110. Cant connect to my phone company
  111. S4 went swimming
  112. Hidden Files - Broken Screen Help
  113. Facebook App reading pictures out of order
  114. Choose Keyboard input method
  115. Google Contacts no duplicates / S4 duplicates
  116. Youtube won't play sound through Facebook App
  117. replacing default message and email tones tones not ringtones
  118. Not receiving text messages or phone calls randomly, until reboot
  119. Phone does not recognize SIM card anymore SCH-I545
  120. managing SVoice languages
  121. casn S Voice (SVoice) work offline? without Internet?
  122. Cant Change the APN settings
  123. Failed to connect to network
  124. Incoming calls show last caller on ID
  125. need help for my samsung galaxy s4 overheated not opening and charging
  126. Whats the biggest problem you've ever had with your samsung galaxy s4?
  127. Kies 3 fails to sync contacts with message "An error has occurred when preparing ..."
  128. Phone won't save new contacts
  129. My phone is stuck in reboot, without USB debugging enabled
  130. no data service after unlock network on Vodafone
  131. Help me understand international roaming and phone unlocking...
  132. My s4 is able to call others but can not recieve calls.
  133. S4 went off now wont turn on/charge or connect to pc urgent help needed x
  134. My phone wont turn on
  135. SD Card Problems. Please Help!!
  136. Incoming call ring
  137. Hand's free mode turns itself on
  138. New back camera
  139. software update
  140. Newbie Mistake
  141. Screen flickers badly
  142. apps auto downloading
  143. Deleted Amazon app store by mistake
  144. APN settings not working "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped"
  145. Dang WiFi issues
  146. I can't get rid of pics in gallery under wallpaper
  147. Help, can't hear any voice during provider calls
  148. Unlocked S4 on Metro won't make calls
  149. car charger issues
  150. An application encrypted SD card, uninstalling won't help..
  151. Can't see texts that I have sent or recieved.
  152. Can't hear my voice in headset telephone conversation.
  153. Trying to get a Custom Text Alert from my Outlook Email Address
  154. VZW MMS Problems (APNs Locked?)
  155. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Wont turn on when put together but will when I take it apart.
  156. Phone closes and restarts by itself.
  157. Calls I receive can't hear them until they call back
  158. No audio when using Ok Google and bluetooth
  159. Alarm on a home page
  160. Battery temperature too low
  161. My emojis are sending as question marks
  162. Help with multiple accounts
  163. Audio not working unless I restart phone
  164. S4 to S4 transfer
  165. HW Module test
  166. Calendar - Setting and changing Recurrences for items
  167. [Solved] Unable to change settings on my Galaxy s4
  168. error message: unofficial file transfer
  169. ES File Explorer Search issues
  170. UNWANTED Facebook contacts
  171. help to restore my samsung messages
  172. Can't select Gallery
  173. No audio for some videos
  174. "Blocking Mode" doesn't block facebook alerts!
  175. S4 lock screen
  176. need help quickly
  177. my galaxy made me an awesome story board and I deleted it by accident
  178. phone is not turning on
  179. SD Card Removal Error
  180. galaxy s4 and tab 2 sync issues
  181. Need help with screen lock.
  182. calls going direct to message
  183. How to disable phone dim before it goes to sleep?
  184. Best Antivirus for Samsung Galaxy S4
  185. Email will not update.
  186. Phone wont charge, black screen with vibration when powered off.
  187. "Sign in failed" for AOL mail
  188. Sandisk Micro SD
  189. restoring contacts synced with google account
  190. Screen moves down when editing text body
  191. gallery photos
  192. messenger spam
  193. Why wont my mobile receive text message but will mobile call?
  194. S4 after factory reset mobile internet only works only in E (EDGE).
  195. new and need help with setting up
  196. Gesture sensor not working
  197. Answer phone by voice
  198. Phone will not show me storage details
  199. Using Dual Sim in S4
  200. LED notification light issue.
  201. How to delete unfinished software update file
  202. Screen brightness washed out when in direct sunlight
  203. Where can I see the default settings of S4?
  204. Website not displaying when I know it's live
  205. Settings app closes on software update
  206. Whatsapp notifications
  207. S4 random shutdown
  208. Connecting to Toshiba FlashAir issues
  209. Slow charging - is 300mA of charge normal?
  210. Connecting to PC with cable
  211. camera time/day stamp
  212. How do I make my SD card the default storage device for images (Gallery, etc).
  213. generating multiple gmail draft copies
  214. Odd Update?
  215. Deleting photos, no trashcan icon
  216. Contact numbers
  217. Having trouble unrooting my friends phone?
  218. sd card damaged notice
  219. Need a good launcher review.
  220. Galaxy s4 touch screen
  221. Stopping Notification Sound Repeating Every 2 Minutes
  222. Retreiving Texts from Lost phone
  223. Why is my keyboard missing the "hidden" emojis?
  224. HELP! Cannot remember Factory Reset Password
  225. App stops working after transfer to sd card.
  226. Samsung S4 Constant Reboot Whilst Off
  227. SD Card formatting/usage issues
  228. Remove app icons from a folder
  229. Backing Up Phone
  230. Touch Screen Not Working Properly When Charging
  231. Front camera app failed error...!
  232. Unable to find viewer for image/octet-stream
  233. Email read on PC not showing "read" on phone
  234. Pop email syncronisation stops if the recycle folder is emptied
  235. Text messages with photos sent by mms
  236. how to view sent emails
  237. problem with "play store"
  238. "Check Battery Cover" warning - how do I get rid of it?
  239. Screen does not turn back on when I move it away from my ear after a call - FIXED
  240. Can you stop outgoing calls?
  241. Galaxy S4 Erased SD Card
  242. Home screen says weather widget added but I cannot see it.
  243. HDMI out not working
  244. Overheating issue . Need help!
  245. Sync issue since Samsung update a few days ago...
  246. Edit Contact used by S Voice.
  247. bought a rooted phone- trying to unroot back to stock
  248. Seriously at end of tether....
  249. Wipe Data/Factory Reset WITHOUT POWER BUTTON
  250. charge from 20%-50% overnight