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  1. Music xtfer to SD card going to bluetooth
  2. wifi passwords have to be reentered
  3. wifi turns itself off then reluctant to let me turn it on again
  4. Home Button Not Working
  5. Move photos to Gallery
  6. Can't Update
  7. Screen not timing out/shut down menu keeps popping up
  8. Chevy Link connection problem
  9. Menu/Option button
  10. deleted app by mistake
  11. no battery life/ no storage available
  12. Extra Homepage pages
  13. A probably stupid question
  14. New battery draining too fast not sure what to do?
  15. Storage/miscellaneous files
  16. Dial Pad
  17. linking contact to page failed
  18. Over Sized Data
  19. 'untouchable' miscellaneous files
  20. S4 download issues
  21. Shortcut Icon STUCK on top of another Shortcut Icon ~~~
  22. S4 Constantly lagging
  23. all buttons stop functioning wheb powered on
  24. Where the heck are these pictures coming from?
  25. Proxy switches from None to Manual
  26. Copying coordinates in Google Maps no longer works?
  27. Bottom microphone not working during normal calls only
  28. S4 Charging problem- Please check
  29. Storage question
  30. Samsung s4 retival of overwritten files please please help!!!!
  31. wifi keeps turning on after app installation
  32. Camera folders accessed by USB from computer does not show mp4 files
  33. group text messages come in as downloads
  34. recovering from salt water
  35. My Phone is being unresponsive
  36. Battery charging shows 35% when empty.
  37. Can't hear phone ringing when calling
  38. Stock weather says it is already on home page but is blank. Help
  39. Can't access full or pop up menus on Home screen
  40. Phone stuck in odin mode
  41. How to remove unsent multimedia messages
  42. How do I get out of a group text
  43. Stop Favorite Contacts from Automatically Calling
  44. Can't figure out how to move pics from internal memory to SD card (procedure}
  45. Audio (outbound) on voice call works only in speakerphone mode
  46. unable to delete phone llogs
  47. S Voice and Hands Free Mode - "For your safety please switch S voice to normal mode"
  48. phone crashes when apps are used, BUT only when not plugged in
  49. How to read files saved to Cloud
  50. Blocking messages from names who aren't contacts.
  51. Contact Name Not Shown In Messages / Call Log
  52. Does this mean my GS4 is already unlocked?
  53. Reply problem for all Emails received
  54. Auto Backup Photos
  55. Notifications
  56. Galaxy S4 5.0.1 settings has stopped
  57. Samsung Account Processing Failed
  58. Apps on SD "Not Installed"
  59. Wrong home time when roaming
  60. Photos are not saved - wierd image
  61. On the home screen all call, text, VM message counts disappeared
  62. WiFi connection dropping out when using Bluetooth Speaker. Help!!
  63. OK Google Not Working
  64. Recovering Texts???
  65. Hands Free Mode is no Longer Hands Free Texting
  66. How do I take off Parental control
  67. S4 can't move pics to sd card as my files show empty
  68. Android os and gpsd draining battery
  69. S4 with Android 5.0.1, Smart Manager loops
  70. All incoming phone calls show a "+" preventing me from simply calling back
  71. Odin Stuck! Galaxy S4 Stock firmware install! HELP!
  72. All pictures missing after getting low storage memory message
  73. memory full issue
  74. wifi frequent disconnect/reconnect
  75. Back up - Galaxy S4
  76. Galaxy S4 connection problem
  77. Transferring from iphone 4 to Galaxy S4
  78. Not receiving emails since updating firmware
  79. screen replacement??
  80. random restarts, battery drains quickly to 0%
  81. Changed charging port now have battery drain and runs warm
  82. Screen goes blank when completing a call
  83. Storage Issue
  84. REWARD!!! For anyone who can fix my phone.
  85. Lost all files in the system/app on rooted galaxy s4 SGH-I337Z
  86. Cant play recorded video
  87. Samsung Galaxy S4 no responding to touch
  88. Telephone keypad disappears when call is answered
  89. Phone turns off, battery drops
  90. How to root GT-I9505
  91. Software downgrade
  92. S4 Active screen going out
  93. Distorted videos, very bad
  94. help
  95. new user/old 64GB SD problem
  96. Unwanted Popup Ads
  97. Samsung galaxy S4 I337 is problem black screen with clock
  98. Battery drain ~15% per hour on standby
  99. overheating
  100. story book question
  101. Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Black Screen and hot Eariece
  102. Sim removed issue constantly on s4 galaxy
  103. how to stop Profile Tracker & OMACP notification
  104. My Galaxy S4 won't start occasionally till I remove the battery.
  105. Facebook's Messenger app not displaying received GIFs
  106. Unable to make and receive calls on S4
  107. Shortcuts on lock screen not active
  108. Samsung S4 i9505 - Charging/USB port problem
  109. Removing Hancom
  110. What happened to my Memory?!
  111. S4 screen color problems, menu/back button unresponsive, purple overlay on boot up
  112. [Solved] Recovering videos
  113. My menu has vanished!
  114. Can I get a photo at 300 dpi?
  115. Notification sounds
  116. Downloading - Do Not Turn Off Target
  117. Can no longer send pictures in messenger - Verizon 4G S4
  118. [Solved] Hands free mode message: sorry, something went wrong with the server
  119. [Solved] Direct sound to BlueTooth Speakers?
  120. Black screen
  121. New Emoji
  122. SD card connection issues
  123. Audible Books
  124. Notifications for text messages has stopped
  125. Back button sporadically not working
  126. Replacing I9500 LCD with other variants
  127. S4 i545 Microphone not working...
  128. Grey gallery photos
  129. Did I make a mistake???
  130. Galaxy S4 cannot get into phone, right half is not responding
  131. Galaxy S4 not charging in IBolt dock
  132. lost email connectivity
  133. Strange things are going on here...
  134. S4 refuses to connect
  135. Transfer calendar from S4 to Note 5
  136. Text blocking
  137. Soft keys menu and return buttons not working!
  138. content filter
  139. Any help? How can I retrieve my lost contacts lists from my Samsung s6?
  140. Playing Downloaded Songs
  141. won't turn on
  142. Touchwiz UI missing.
  143. Missing body of email messages
  144. getting " a network error has occurred" message on android google sheets
  145. Printing to HP printer
  146. Why do I now have 2 of the same APPS?
  147. [Solved] Status bar goes blank
  148. Brightness always stays full
  149. Desk Clock
  150. Max SD card for Galaxy S 4
  151. Microphone problem in normal call mode only (seems to work fine in speaker mode)
  152. S4k Zoom Help Needed
  153. Phone randomly shuts down and won't restart UNLESS it is first plugged into a charger
  154. Weird ten-digit number attaches to email texts
  155. [Solved] Smart peel remote problem
  156. pictures goes into my gallerry by it self
  157. How do I get rid of Quick connect on my S4?
  158. Problem with batterie life
  159. When making call, have to choose between phone or White pages app. every time
  160. Delete Email?
  161. No sim message on switching SIM cards and using adaptor from IPhone sim to Galaxy s4
  162. Custom "Message Alert" Tones Ability Now Gone
  163. The email messages I send are not received......
  164. dimming on fb photos
  165. Any way to root s4 on android 5.0.1 without pc??
  166. I can't enable vibrate for back button
  167. Why won't MMS work on my Galaxy S4?
  168. Using the full 64 gb on a 64 gb SD card..
  169. S4 won't connect to pc with usb.
  170. thin multi-colored streaming line at top of gmail like something is loading
  171. Can't send pics from camera to gmail account
  172. Recorded video not playing
  173. No LED
  174. windows 10
  175. changing message tones for contacts
  176. App icons not lighting up when pressed
  177. [Solved] S4 Alarm clock wackiness!
  178. Voice Dial etc
  179. Auto Sync only Calendar and Contacts
  180. How to connect my Galaxy X to the computer
  181. Galaxy S4 switched from pattern lock to pin lock - we never set a pin !
  182. Automatically import photos to PC?
  183. deleting old skype messages on s4 tablet
  184. Pictures won't delete
  185. Headset button controller and microphone do not work
  186. S4 won't play embedded videos
  187. possibly hacked
  188. Can I root ?
  189. Battery Lasts 5 Hours, Max
  190. Find my phone app
  191. Disable Power On Button
  192. Is it impossible to change the long home button to NOT open the task manager?
  193. Help: My notifications sounds don't work!
  194. Serious charging problems, need help.
  195. [Solved] HELP - Kies backup taking 16 hours and still going.
  196. USB Port Problem
  197. facebook and calls
  198. s4 Camera problem please help
  199. Notification Icons on Galaxy s4
  200. No Internet or message downloading
  201. Hidden gallery folders
  202. audio problems
  203. mistakenly set wrong default
  204. Root i9505 5.0.1
  205. Bluetooth and Uconnect Problems
  206. Backing up Galaxy S4 using Smart Switch
  207. Downloading... Don not turn off target!!
  208. Videos Downloaded to my PC won't play correctly
  209. Downgrade
  210. Reading out text messages
  211. Voice Commands - Accepting/Rejecting Calls
  212. 'Error retrieving information from server' [RPC:S-7:AEC-0QAKM-JRJW-CSUT2]
  213. Strange Things Happen When I Speak On The Phone!
  215. Using my (Verizon/locked?) S4 with a local SIM card in Germany. Will it work?
  216. Need help restoring deleted files
  217. s4 microphone not working but speakerphone does
  218. Wi-fi will not stay on
  219. Camera
  220. Lollipop Update failure
  221. Lock screen
  222. Hello everyone..
  223. Music Player not showing Albums since upgrade
  224. Turning selected sound notifications off
  225. New to me S4; can't use GS3's micro SD. No photos, no contacts.
  226. Wi-Fi will not turn on
  227. Volume too loud on factory headset on phone calls
  228. Background noises during calls
  229. [Solved] Notification status
  230. Damaged sd card
  231. deleted camera photo's how do i recover them
  232. Help w/ Update to KitKat ??
  233. Recorded video freezes
  234. Where are the settings for the update on the Samsung Galaxy S4
  235. Galaxy S4 Refuses To Use My Notification for Default
  236. all calls disabled
  237. REVERT SCH-I545 to KitKat with ODIN!
  238. Screen brightness bug
  239. Home / Back Capacitive Buttons Different Brightness, Refurbished?
  240. Text message sent notification sound
  241. "Hide item" option disappeared from gallery after Lollipop
  242. Is it possible to change color of stock texting?
  243. High RAM usage after Lollipop update
  244. Help! How to override encryption using recovery password?
  245. No Tethering OPtion Available
  246. spotty notifications for text messages
  247. Why are my S4's texts coming in small two line "blips"?
  248. How to display Favorite Contacts in alphabetical order
  249. safe mode
  250. Themes